Setting exemplary standards through custom synthesis

We initiate, develop and finance custom manufacturing projects for the pharmaceutical, photographic and speciality chemicals industries.

About Qurius Research

Sourcing the chemicals that are essential to the production processes in these markets is often highly challenging. Stocks for certain chemicals or components might suddenly be exhausted, trade restrictions require a different to-market route or production might have simply stopped. In every one of these cases, Qurius Research can make sure your production process has the chemicals you need.

Qurius Research Sàrl was established in January 2015. Qurius Research was set-up to initiate, develop and finance custom manufacturing projects for the pharmaceutical, photographic and speciality chemicals industries.


Continuous investment

Our continuous investment in Analytical Development Services underlines the importance Qurius Research places on expanding our analytics and method verification processes alongside the development of our core production processes. These control processes enable us to guarantee safe and on-time delivery of projects to the exact specifications that were set. This guarantee has allowed us to be considered a dependable partner for companies worldwide.

Quality, safety and on time

We set and maintain exemplary standards through custom synthesis, contract and custom manufacturing to ISO standards- with quality control and performance testing capabilities and state-of-the art process safety screening tools.

Technical Capabilities

These include complex and multi-step syntheses along with a wide range of more general technologies. Extensive laboratory facilities are available for custom synthesis and contract research.


Our independence has enabled us to take an innovative approach to chemical manufacturing. Working closely with leading universities in the Far-east we have developed cutting-edge technologies.

Whilst we are now a supplier of speciality chemicals to the international chemicals market, we have retained the flexibility and customer-focused approach of a family business which enables us to offer outstanding service and support to customers ranging from major multinational to small start ups.

“We continuously receive excellent support in the area of manufacturing specialities for various industries.”

Qurius Research is specialized in the Research and Development of (specialty) chemicals. If a chemical product isn’t available or simply doesn’t exist Qurius Research is able to create your chemical products, audit it and take care of quality control.

Our sister company B&S Group (click to visit their website) specialises in the sourcing, storage and sales of (specialty) chemicals for companies worldwide. The B&S group will provide you with the specialty chemicals that are sometimes harder to obtain. Our production facilities and extensive network allow us to focus on the worldwide delivery of these chemicals.